Experience Fries with a twist

“The J”

          If you love fries then this should be on your wish list “The J”. They serves you Fries with a twist of delicious sauces to activate your Taste Buds in a Wok-like-box. They not only serves the Veggies but also take care of the Non-veggies and Jain’s. They are not only limited to serving Fries but are also specialized in making Milkshakes, Wraps and also Burgers. They even allow you to make your own Fries by choosing from a variety of Fries, Sauces and toppings. My experience was amazing and I do visit this place quite often. Don’t miss to try out their speciality, Chilli Cheese Fries and Pizza Fries.

Check in at : Opposite HR College, Dinshaw Vachha Road, Churchgate.

Cuisine : Fast Food


Cost for 2 : Rs.450 (approx.)

Timing : 8 am to 12pm (All Days)

Pros : Good tempting food, Amazing choice of flavours.

Cons : No Seating available, Not a place for health conscious people.


Heart attack on a Plate


Raju Sandwich stall. This has not only become the pride of the neighbouring H.R.college, but for the whole of Mumbai as well. I know of people who haven’t been to Dominos or Pizza Hut, but the smile on their face when I mention Raju Sandwich is so satisfying. I myself was too eager to visit this legendary sandwich stall, and the first time I did, it was just amazing. Now it has become my regular stop when whenever I visit marinelines. So what actually makes this humble roadside sandwich stall so famous all over the city, that it has rightfully earned the term ‘legendary’. Its the amazing quality sandwiches they give at absolutely pocket friendly prices. Sure you wont get completely filled up in just one sandwich, but they are so tasty you definitely would want to have one more. I have tried a variety of stuff form here, each one odd them purely superb. Starting from the humble garlic bread, which has a thick and crunchy bread smeared with garlic paste. And then on top, they use their spicy red chutney spread and that gives an additional bonus for the spice lovers. Their Panner Cheese roll was a jumbo, big sized sandwich in hot-dog bread with loads of panner chunks, veggies, cheese and their lip-smacking masalas. This baby is a must have if you are a panner fan. Cheese Chilly Toast is something everyone will love. With lots of veggies, comprising mainly of finely chopped onions, tomatoes and capsicums, the cheese is a little bit on the lesser side, only to make place for a tingle of spiciness, owning to its name. Another highly recommended item (like every other) Any pasta lovers in the house? They have a tasty item for you too. Cheese pasta grill sandwich, is this big triple layered sandwich, with each of them generously loaded with nice and tangy red-sauce penne/macaroni pasta. Grilled to crisp perfection, and then topped with cheese, you seriously need to work out for hours you want to burn all this yummy fats. Their cheese garlic bread is another wonder. The regular garlic bread, loaded with smooth melted cheese on top. Major craving. Dont give any other tough guys, if you haven’t tried this place make sure you do soon. I would say splurge on yourself, but this place is just so affordable you (and your pocket) would love to come here every day. And, my fellow hardcore foodies, who have already tried Raju Sandwich, go and dig it anyway, cause I’m sure you are drooling right now reading this review.

Check in at : Opposite HR College, Churchgate, Mumbai

Cuisine : Fast Food


Cost for 2 : Rs.200 (approx.)

Timing : 8 am to 8:30 pm (All Day)

Pros : Home Delivery, Affordable prices

Cons : Seating not available


Juice around the Clock


A restaurant without actual doors located on a busy street. This wonderful roadside restaurant is outisde Haji Ali Dargah which has been now serving for years variety of Juices, Milkshakes, Falooda and many such liquids for relaxing the devotees after their visit to the pilgrimage. People say that this place never closes and serves all the time. Be it late night munching or anytime snack .This place always has rush along the whole street. Coming to their food. Cheese roll has an overload of cheese, crispy and perfect. The pizza tastes really good. It has the right crisp and vegetables. The cream is always fresh and tastes good .Their mango and strawberry cream is my favourite. Although It is bit heavy on pocket but many of Its things are totally worth it. We ordered Kesar Badam Royal Milk Shake – An outstanding thick Milk Shake with Ice Cream and lots of Dry Fruits, just loved that thing, worth the price. It was a combination of layers of juices starting from Below Mango, Kiwi and strawberry. And We also Ordered Fruit Cream which was also very very good containing Mango, Small cut Apples and some other fruits. And to add something to it we ordered Vegetable Cheese Pizza which is famous for the place. You can sit in your cars and their men will take your order and serve you quickly .The police will never trouble you. You have to take a parcel, they’ll pack it properly for you and give it. They usually pack the creams in dry ice so that they don’t get spoilt. A must visit place if you are visiting Mumbai. The prices are definitely on the higher side .But the quality of food and service makes up for it.

Check in at: Lala Lajpat Rai Road, Haji Ali Circle, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai.

Cuisines: Juices, Deserts, Fast Food

Cost for 2: Rs.600 (approx.)

Timing: 5 am to 1 am

Pros: Home Delivery

Cons: Limited Seating available, Costlier

Live life with a little Spice


Ever since I was a kid, the names Missal and Mamledar have been tossed around together but for some reason or the other I never got a chance to drop by. So finally about a week ago, my friends and I decided to try out this “Legendary” Missal Restaurant. As I stepped in with high expectations and my mouth all set for the fireworks, as I heard they serve some of the spiciest Missal out there. The ambiance was quite average and a bit congested for my liking, but its an old and popular place, so no complaints there. The service was quick, and my dish was served in a couple of minutes. At first sight the Missal seems quite explosive with its deep red color. Filled with excitement, I took a bite, with caution just in case it’s too spicy but sadly that was not the case. It is spicy but nowhere close to being the spiciest Missal. We ordered a few glasses of Lassi to douse the flames. The Lassi was quite average and there was nothing exceptional about the Missal but a nice meal overall.

Check in at : Near Raymond showroom, Naupada police station, Thane West

Cuisine : Maharashtrian Food, Street Food

Cost for 2 : Rs.250 (approx.)

Time : 9 am to 10 pm

Pros : Missal has good taste.

Cons : Not as spicy as expected, lassi was quite average and Ambience can get quite claustrophobic.



Handcrafted confections since way back!


One of the legendary places in Churchgate area. Ice cream sandwich at K. Rustoms are feeding our souls since 1953 with its old world charm – making it one of the must visit iconic place in Mumbai. Of all, my all-time favourites are chocolate Nut, Walnut Crunch and Roasted Almond. It belongs to the time when there were neither fancy ice cream parlors nor imported ice cream brands in Mumbai. It invented the concept of Ice cream to be sandwiched between pickwick type thin wafers. All flavours are worth trying and yes…ditch the cone or plastic cup and go for the sandwich version.  No place to sit except few chairs and its usually dwindling with patrons all the time. Located just opposite to Hotel Ambassador, you can just take a walk from the marine drive or Churchgate Station to grab one of these delicious things that K.Rustom has to offer.

Check in at : 87 Stadium House, Opposite Ambassador Hotel, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai.

Cuisine : Desert

Cost for 2 : Rs.150 (Approx.)

Timing : 9:30am to 11am

Pros : Takeaway available

Cons : Seating not available

A Glimpse of South India


This tiny place in Kings circle will surely drive all you idli lovers mad. Hands down one of the best place in Mumbai to eat Idli. Though Idli may look like a very simple thing to cook, Idli House delivers consistent quality over years.  With around 30 types of idli preparations, this is one place all fans of South Indian food should visit. Because I have never seen so many varieties in IDLIS. You have to walk a distance from the station but it is worth it. A small and a decent place where you can have awesome food. The best part about this place is it’s value for money, the sambar here is out of the world and what’s more? It rains unlimited Sambar and chutney here for no extra cost. The idlis are huge for the price and definitely worth the buck. Here are some of the delicacies which you should definitely try.

PEPPER IDLI: It was just amazing with it little spice added to it making very tasty.
VEGETABLE IDLI: The idli was fine because there were only veggies and dals inside which make it more healthier and gets a different taste.
MYSORE RAVA IDLI: This was a nice and fluffy makes it look richer and has a different taste in all.
FILTER COFFEE: This coffee was excellent as the waiter comes to the table and mixes the coffee in front of us to bring the frost in it! the coffee was great and the sugar in it was perfect.
PAAN: We also get a paan which is made of coconut and sugar added to it was okay. Helps to digest the food we ate.

Trust me it gives a different taste to the idli. This place its just awesome and I will definitely recommend this place to all.

Check in at : 462, Ram Bhavan, Opposite Jain temple, Dr B Ambedkar Road, King Circle, Matunga East, Mumbai

Cuisine : South Indian

Cost for 2 : Rs.200 (Approx.)

Timing : 7am to 2:30pm – 4pm to 10pm

Pros : Home delivery,

Cons : Limited seating available

The buttery Pavbhaji


This was a long overdue visit. Over the years I have heard a lot about Sardar Pavbhaji but since it was a bit out of the way for me, never made it here. So finally on a weekday we dropped in for lunch. Coming to the place itself it’s a small restaurant with no fancy decor. The walls have a theme of their legacy going from when Sardar Pavbhaji started in Bombay. They try to follow a bit of an assembly line method in serving the customers. They will get all the tables papad together, bhaji together and then pao, etc. We tried the cheese Pavbhaji. Since I had heard so much about it I think my expectations were really high. The Pavbhaji came with half a slab of butter and fully covered with grated cheese. The pao was also totally oozing with butter. It was tasty, but I felt that it was too hyped. It seemed a little like having Butter with a side of Pavbhaji. Also, if you’re health conscious, this is definitely not a place for you! Overall I would say it is definitely worth a try, but may not be worth waiting in line for more than an hour.

Check in at : Tardeo Road Junction, Opposite Bus Depot, Tardeo, Mumbai

Cuisine : Fast Food

Cost for 2 : Rs.300 (Approx.)

Timing : 12 pm to 2 am

Pros : Serves Jain food, Food quality is good

Cons : Seating takes a longer time than usual, Not a place for health conscious people

Kababs La Jawabs


“Bademiya” another iconic food outlet located in Colaba which started its journey since 1946 as late-night snack option but it’s legacy is still continuing. As on today its only outlet has more foot stepping of the non-vegetarian. It has variety of mouthwatering Kebabs and the Butter chicken just melts in your mouth. Food was good but quantity is too less as compare to price charged. There is no such ambience for this place as it’s a food stall but it has basic seating option available opposite to it. In addition to that you can either park the car and make your car bonnet as serving table. Overall good experience and definitely worth a visit to experience the taste of food served.

Check in at : Tulloch Road, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai

Cuisine : Mughlai

Cost for 2 : Rs.650 (approx.)

Timing : 12 pm to 3 am (All Day)

Pros : Home Delivery, Outdoor Seating Available

Cons : It’s a bit pricey but the food is worth it, Vegetarians are strictly not invited